Throughout both the design and construction stages, the objective of the KHiB project was to work extensively with Lean principles, Lean mentality, and Lean methods. The project developed its own methodology to be able to work more smartly and correctly with the extensive planning work. It was named Lean Process Planning (also known as Milestone Planning) and Lean Design.
This mindset may in many respects be considered as pioneering work.

The KHiB project further developed the highly important process Systematic Completion, which is a structured continuous test procedure of all the systems and functions. This work has to be initialised much earlier than traditionally normal, and it is in the end expected to lead to a successful and error free delivery of the construction.

The KHiB project wrote a total of five booklets. They describe the following topics: Lean Strategy, Lean Design, Systematic Completion, Lean
Construction, and BIM@KHiB.

In this book all five booklets have been compiled. The intention of this book is to give a good overview over what has been done in the project and how.

Subsequently we hope to contribute to an improving industry.

The KHiB Team

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